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Chessboard Cake


The great Bobby Fischer once said that “Chess is a science in the form of a game”. We would argue that baking a good cake is a science in itself. Today’s video recipe combines these two worldviews! Because it’s a chessboard.

And do you have what it takes to make a chessboard cake?

We think you do. We may not, but you do.

Chess is one of the most popular pastimes in the world today. The immortal game has been played for at least 1,500 years. It probably originated in India and spread to the European Mediterranean via Persia and the Arab world.

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Youtube phenomenon Rosanna Pansino teamed up with producer and filmmaker Kurt Hugo Schneider to create a recipe that is going to delight all those chess aficionados who are not immune to a bite of chocolate here and there.

In addition to being edible, the chess pieces on the cake-board are mobile so you will be able to play a chess game or two before lunging in. Just make sure you play with a good sport who’s not going to turn the cake over if he/she is losing!

And just look at those pieces. A treat with every possible move. Which means one can only win in this situation.

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Source:Rosanna Pansino

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