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A Child Lost 75% Of His Vision While Playing With Laser Pointers


We know how much fun lasers can be fun for your children, but that does not mean you should be careless about them. Optometrists have issued a warning to let parents know the danger of the laser pointers. Parents shouldn’t consider them as toys. The warning came after a young boy suffered a serious eye issue in the UK.

Ben Armitage is an optometrist who got a call from the young boy’s concerned parents. He investigated what the problem was. “He came into see me and on Friday night he’d got hold of a laser pen and unfortunately shined it in his eyes for a very brief period of time.”

Johnny Marshall was at his sister’s school together with his family one day, when he decided to buy a laser pen from the vendor booth in the school fair. His parents were unaware of the danger, and they let him do it. He had fun playing with it, but then he decided to point it at his eye out of curiosity. The fun ended. He quickly experienced a thermal burn and permanent damage to his retina within just a quarter of a second.

As a result of the accident after playing with laser pointers, the boy has lost 75% of his vision.


“He’s actually managed to burn the retina at the back of the eye near an area called the macular.” – Armitage.

The boy didn’t experience any pain when the event occurred but he almost immediately began losing some of his vision. Doctors hope that when a reduction in swelling occurs, at least some of his vision will return.


It is very sad because the damage is irreversible and the doctors can’t correct it with glasses.


The boy damaged the macular part of the eye and this is what it looked like. Imagine that the macular part of your eye is like the sensor on a camera. Once you destroy the internal sensor, it won’t be able to see clearly again. Since the boy damaged the macular part, there is no improvement when wearing glasses.



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