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Photographer Photoshops Himself Into Childhood Pics


Photoshop is not used only for trolling. It can also be used for personal humor. That’s why Montreal-based photographer Conor Nickerson, created a project where he inserted his current self into childhood pictures from 1997-2005. And let me tell you, the results, look pretty real.

“While looking through some old family photos, I wondered what it would it look like if tried to photoshop myself today into them,” Conor writes on Facebook. “I gathered all the old hats and T-shirts that I could find and did my best to put myself into childhood moments which, aside from these photos, remain only a distant memory.”

He also said that a big challenge was to match the quality of the pictures with the old ones: “It involved a lot of blurring, sharpening, and noise to try to get it to look like an older photo.”
“Editing the pictures and looking at them so closely for so long takes a bit away from the shock value, but seeing the final images all together definitely is a bit strange! I feel like me and little me would have gotten along pretty alright.”

More info: | Facebook

They look like brothers.

Conor Nickerson

Hey cutie!

Conor Nickerson

This one is so sweet!

Conor Nickerson

Gangster squad.

Conor Nickerson

Happy birthday grandma!

Conor Nickerson

Casually chilling in the backyard.

Conor Nickerson

More birthdays.

Conor Nickerson

Traveling buddies.

Conor Nickerson

A good day at the park.

Conor Nickerson

Opening gifts.

Conor Nickerson


Conor Nickerson
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