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24 Photos That Prove Childhood Sweethearts Do Exist


Love at first sight, is not something that only happens in fairytales or movies. There are many examples of couples that fell in love and lived happily ever after. Some of them were childhood friends. Others meet in high school or at work.

We have a gallery of couples who are proof that true love exists for real. They are childhood sweethearts.

1. They had their firs kiss 15 years ago and since then this happy couple is still in love.

24 Photos That Prove Childhood Sweethearts Do Exist 1

2. This couple have been together for fourteen years. They are as cute now as much as they were when they were kids.

24 Photos That Prove Childhood Sweethearts Do Exist 2

3. Basically, they grew up together. They are still in love as they were 5 years ago.


4. This sweet couple recreated a wonderful photo from their childhood. Although they are much older now, it’s obvious they are in love.


5. She is taking care that he looks his best almost all of her life.


6. Seven years after this couple first clapped eyes on each other…


7. They celebrated holy matrimony on the same day as their first date nine years ago.


8. Ten years later and these two are clearly still in love.


9. Can you recognize this couple? That’s right it’s the football legend Lionel Messi. He lives happily and in love with his childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo. They have two sons.


10. They had their dream wedding at the same beach where they fell in love when they were in high school.


11. They are sharing all of life’s accomplishments together.


12. This happy couple broke up when Ian moved from England to Australia where he married.

After he divorced, they found each other again online and she moved to Australia to marry her old love.


13. This couple had a fantastic idea.

They recreated a photo from their childhood for their wedding invitations.


14. She was wearing a white dress twice with him.

Once on the day when they went to prom together and when they got married 6 years after their high school prom.


15. Eleven years after they danced at their junior prom, they danced again at their wedding.


16. They married 7 years after their high school prom.


17. Instead of paying attention to physics class in high school they developed chemistry between them.

Six years later, this couple tied the knot.


18. This couple got married after ten years of dating.

Couples that make funny faces together stay together!


19. They are in love 19 years and have two kids.

This couple met in elementary school and then went their separate ways. He took his grandma to the ER and she was the attending physician. This time, it took them only 18 days and then got married!


20. They dated after the prom for 6 years and now they are married for 3 years.


21. It took them two decades to get married.

They started dating in 1989 and got married in 2008.


22. They were best friends in 1998.

They went to prom in 2001 and got married 7 years later. They are always happy.


23. This loving couple broke up once because they went to college on opposite coasts.

They found their way back to each other and decided to never separate again.


24. They said “I do”six years after they went to prom together.



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