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Children Left In Tears After Not Being Allowed To Eat Their Birthday Cake By Play Center


The Super Play Factory play center in Stoke-on-Trent, England, will always be remembered by the Young family. But not for the right reasons. The center ruined the birthday party of seven-year-old twins Tyler and Mackenzie on December 7th, 2016. Their mother Lisa, 39, has shared the heartbreaking story of how her children were not allowed to eat their birthday cake on the premises after being told they “haven’t booked the right package”. Seriously, even Marie Antoinette, let them eat cake!

birthday 1

The seven-year-old twins with their Minion birthday cake

Although Lisa Young had phoned the play center in advance and was told they could bring the cake with them, once they got there staff told her “there must be a minimum of 10 children and the full cost must be paid 10 days before the celebration in order for parents to bring a cake”.

 birthday 2

39-years-old Lisa Young was told she didn’t book the right package early enough by the staff at The Super Play Factory

“I called up ahead and said there’s only seven children including my three-year-old, Savannah, so it’s not enough for a birthday package. But I asked if it would be OK to take a cake, otherwise, I’d find somewhere else to go. The person on the phone said that would be fine. Then, when I pulled out the cake they said we couldn’t have it. I said I had asked specifically if it would be OK and if they had told me before we would have gone elsewhere. The member of staff then turned to me and said: ‘Well I think you better had go elsewhere then’,” the 39-year-old Stoke-on-Trent resident explained.

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The Super Play Factory in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England

The children were left in tears and the party ended up at the local McDonald’s. the fast food giant had no such issues and the day was saved.

A spokesperson for the Super Play Factory claims that they made it clear to Mrs. Young that they could not bring a cake with them, as it was a ‘group visit’ to the center, instead of a ‘birthday party’.

A statement issued by the Super Play Factory stated the following.

“Birthday parties booked and paid for in advance are allowed to celebrate with a cake ceremony. Lisa called to ask if she could bring a cake to a birthday party. We encourage this and we have seen some wonderful cake creations. She did not book a party and as such was asked not to use her cake. Her spend on entry fees, food and drink was in the region of £50. The entry fee and meals which were not eaten were refunded. We had a birthday party taking place at the same time and they had paid to use our facility for a birthday party. Our staff were professional on the day,”


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