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Teacher Tells Three Things Parents Need To Teach Their Kids


Being a parent, you are aware of the constant battle you have to fight to raise your kid with respectable values. Having a child of your own, especially living in this modern world, you will quickly realize that the presence of electronic devices can easily distract and disenchant your child. Creating a balance between “fun” and teaching your kid to appreciate and respect what they have is pretty tough sometimes. But, one teacher from Sweden claims to have three solutions for all the parents.

A teacher for 16 years, Jonas Harrysson, is getting a lot of attention online for a Facebook post he shared telling parents the three tips he thinks are helpful for this generation of children. His words of wisdom are being met with praise and skepticism.

Children act up from time to time, also seeing them not share a toy or take one from a peer is not very surprising. The teacher thinks that this should not be considered normal and there are some other ways to adjust a child’s stray attitude.


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Jonas claims to have seen children misbehaving and not responding to his own disciplining and also believes that parents need to play a more active role here.


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When someone tells you how to raise your kids, as a parent you might br skeptical but this teacher needs to be heard.


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Jonas starts off by claiming that a child’s “boredom” is not as bad as you think.


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He wrote that, “Children find it very difficult to be bored! There constantly needs to be something going on. Please stop spoiling and servicing your children. It’s not dangerous for them to be bored sometimes.”



It’s true that we live in an age where media is all around us.  So, of course children will expect to be entertained by media when it’s always around them. Jonas says that we shouldn’t always provide them extra stimuli if they ask for it, in fact some countries have proposed legislation aimed at restricting the amount of time kids spend on electronic devices.


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He also brings up the point that parents need to stop trying to give their kids a start on skills that they will learn in school.

“I’ve met many parents who are soooo proud that their kids can read and count before starting preschool. Well, I hate to break it to you, but reading and counting, they’ll learn soon enough. Teach them instead to play, to be a good friend, and to share,” he wrote.


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Gratitude and respect are two concepts that children need to appreciate the most.



“My third point is that many children find it difficult to show gratitude to both other kids and adults. Can they get an ‘extra’ one is unfortunately often a first question. ‘We only get one!?'” said Jonas.


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“What happened to PLEASE!? And thanks for dinner, and thanks for the ride, and so on?” Jonas added.


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He closes his post with some comments about what he believes.

“I have no children yet, but if I do sometime in the future I will teach them to play, to be a good friend, to show gratitude and to be bored from time to time. When they learn those things, then will I teach them to read and count :)”

A lot of people have been responding to him with positive and negative reviews.


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Some other people were pointing out that his plan is difficult to achieve.

What do you think about his tips for parents?


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