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Kina Shen Is China’s Own Real-Life Porcelain Doll

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No one quite knows how Kina Shen arrived at the looks she is sporting today, neither it is easy to determine whether they are creepier than they are fascinating, but the girl who became widely known as the Chinese Porcelain Doll has sure managed to capture many people’s attention.

While many images have been obviously (some might say poorly) Photoshopped, the 25-year-old appears much more natural in others. This asynchronicity doesn’t seem to bother her numerous fans, with her Instagram profile being followed by more than half-a-million users, many of which come outside China.


Kina Shen has been dubbed the Chinese Porcelain Doll due to her fair complexion and large, doll-like eyes


Kina is a popular blogger in China, now catching the attention in the West as well with her unusual appearance


The 25-year-old’s looks have raised questions about how much of her features are natural and whether she underwent cosmetic surgery or similar enhancements


In many of her posts, the pictures of Kina also look like they have been heavily edited


The blogger used to live in Los Angeles but is believed to have moved back to China


Shen started attending the Art Institute of California-Hollywood in 2011


She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing Management


She used this experience to promote her modeling endeavors


Back home, she has interned for a Chinese fashion clothing brand called Ellassay


Kina doesn’t hide her love for the darkness, which is obvious in her fashion choices


“All this time I thought I was dark, but maybe I was wrong. I cannot stay away from darkness, because it needs me. Because I am the light it craves, and needs. So maybe I am not cursed, but blessed with a dark kind of light,” she says in one caption.


“You will be ‘too much’ for some people. Too loud, too soft. Too this, too that. But you’ll always be perfect for the people who need you,” another quote reads.


The blogger has mastered the art of transformation, frequently changing her guises for different shots


She is known to change not only her outfits and makeup but her hairstyles, too


An avid cosplayer, as well, here is how the Chinese Porcelain Doll looks with no makeup



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