China’s Devastating Pollution Epidemic Shows The World Is Nearing Its End


Do you remember the US President-elect Donal Trump denying climate change? Will you spend few moments thinking about that? We have done severe damages to our home. As we have only one available planet to live, we have to protect it. 2016 has been a landmark year in the history of environmental issues. Outside Magazine wrote an obituary for the Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest organism on earth. Coral bleaching catastrophically damages it as a result of rising sea temperatures. Also this October we watched the environmental documentary Before The Flood produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. It was released to critical acclaim.

China is one of the countries which has suffered horrifically as a result of climate change. Being an industrial powerhouse China’s waste production increases, as well as the pollution. The efforts to develop capable recycling systems are insufficient. In 2012, the waste generation in China was 300 million tons. These haunting pictures showing the pollution and desolation that will prove it to any skeptics.

1. Expectation vs reality


2. Impenetrable smog


3. Chemical waste underneath a frozen river


4. Thousands of poisoned fish


5. A horrific oil spill


Luckily there is good news. China’s citizens aren’t taking these disasters lying down. In fact, they organize protests against government policies that have been perceived by the populace as eco-unfriendly. But sadly there are more troubling images of the apocalyptic environmental harm that has befallen the far-eastern nation. Take a look on the next page


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