A Chinese Surgeon Asleep On The Floor After Epic 28-Hour Shift


A Chinese doctor has become a star on the country’s most popular social media platform, Weibo, when he was photographed taking a nap in the hospital’s corridor after performing five operations in 28 hours. Surgeon Luo Heng did two emergency surgeries overnight and then 3 more the following morning in a hospital in Dingyuan County, China’s Anhui province.

The pictures were taken on the 3oth of March and they quickly became a viral hit, with people saluting Heng’s work ethic and dedication, but also raising questions about working hours and the risk of underperformance caused by fatigue.

One Weibo user commented: “I salute you, you have worked hard.”

While another user said: “I hope the media do not promote this. A doctor is not only a career, but a doctor is also a person.”

And one user said: “The most charming man.”


Dr. Luo Heng was photographed sleeping in his hospital after a long, 28-hour shift


The surgeon performed two emergency surgeries overnight, and three more in the morning


The pictures from a hospital in Dingyuan County, China’s Anhui province quickly became a hit on China’s leading microblogging service, Weibo

Sometimes, people are simply amazing. This does raise issues on the incredible working hours doctors sometimes take on, but now, just for the moment, let’s be happy that the local people’s health is in the hands of a devoted professional.


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