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Chloe Khan Shows Off Her ‘Tiny Bloodstained’ Disney Waist After Her Last Surgery


Just when you thought you can never see a Disney-like waist, a celebrity performs an operation and there you go! It seems like anything is possible in the world of celebrities. Chloe is a girl who knows how to challenge the natural shape of her body. She does not seem to be satisfied with what she has, and she goes to great lengths to transorm her body.


Chloe Khan, also known as Chloe Victoria or Chloe Mafia, is a British TV personality and Playboy model. She is also known for her time on Celebrity Big Brother in the summer of 2016. The 25-year-old celebrity is familiar to the plastic surgeon’s knife. She has recently taken another body transformation to decrease her waist.

She added a photo on her Instagram profile, but the photo was soon deleted.  In the photo, you can visibly see that under her bandage there appears to be blood.


Allegedly, she wrote a caption:

“I am blown away with everything. Can’t wait to show you my full results. Having a few no makeup days and peaceful recovery. YouTube vid will be up soon. Thanks so much elite for my waist, hips, and booty on fleck.”

She seems to be really happy with the procedure, which apparently involves taking fat from the unwanted parts of the body. That fat is then injected into the buttocks to make a rounder derriere. No wonder she needs to rest up after such a grueling surgery.


However, Chloe does not stop here. She informed us on her Instagram that she was getting a ‘designer vagina’ as well as her other surgical enhancements.

We will probably know all the details soon. At least for those who would like to know. This model is not shy to show off her body and operations. This last operation was performed in Turkey by Elite.



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