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Couple Adopt Newborn Baby Chloe, But The Dad Has Seen The Birth Mom Somewhere Before


We’re not completely sure that miracles exist but some things seem so strange, they make you think life over. This happened to Walt who was only 10 years old when he had a vision of his future daughter. He literally saw her face really clear and knew that he would name her Chloe. Walt saw himself holding the girl’s hands and spinning around with her.

“She had dark skin, dark eyes, and God told me – this is going to be your daughter,” he added.

Chloe 1

In the mean time, he moved to a new place where he became friends with a girl named Annie. She lived across the street and the two had a very special bond together. As they grew older their connection grew with them too. The fell madly in love and got married.

Chloe 2

When Annie opened up about starting a new family, she said that she had figured out what her future daughter’s name would be: Chloe!

What? Chloe?

This was so shocking to Walt. It felt like he was in the right place since the beginning.

Walt and Annie struggled four years with infertility. He just knew that God’s promise will come to life either way while Annie started to lose hope. Even though the two of them were skeptical about adoption, they began the adoption process.

They received an email from their adoption agency and guess what? “It was a girl”. A pregnant mother chose them to adopt her unborn baby. But this situation still had so many unanswered questions. Like, is she going to be the Chloe they always wanted?

When they met the birth mom first, it was actually a grown-up version of the girl Walt had a vision about when he was little. Even the birth mom, said that since she got pregnant she is thinking to name her Chloe. The pair could not believe their ears.

Chloe 3

When they first visited the baby, it was everything God had promised them.

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