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How To Make A Chocolate Birthday Cake Surprise


Is any birthday event coming up your way? Well, it’s time for the perfect surprise: chocolate birthday cake made of M&Ms! Youtuber Dave created this food life hack to celebrate reaching 2 million subscribers. He’s so grateful to everyone who helped him reach this milestone, he’s making this mouth-watering sweet pleasure. Let’s see if we can make it. Are you game?

It’s really very simple to do so all you need is chocolate and a lot of M&Ms.

Dave is from the United Kingdom, by the way. His channel is full of these incredible inspirational recipes.


And it’s not only food.

“How to and craft videos, using simple house hold items. Cool projects, life hacks, science experiments, and cooking tips for you to try at home. Featuring a mixture of original ideas and reworks of classic concepts, together with some slow motion destruction videos, all in one channel,” he wrote on his YouTube channel.

For more details on how to make this amazing chocolate birthday cake, you can check out the video below:


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