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The Chokers Back In Style With A Vengeance

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Fashion is so interesting. New trends come and go everyday and after a while they come back again. But we must say, the trend that we love the most, and seems like it is always on point, is the 90’s. I mean, how can you not love high wasted and ripped jeans, uncovered shoulders and overalls?

So, our all time favorite item is back too, you know I am talking about chokers. You can see them in almost every picture that girls post, and  day by day they are becoming more and more fashionable. You can have them in different variants, such as metal, rhinestone or the leather variety, tattoo chokers, or velvet, or lace combined with metal elements. It is such a sophisticated look. Below you can see some of the most fashionable chokers nowadays:

A very famous version is the shoe lace choker. It is so simple, and you can create it easily by yourself.



It actually looks even better when you add extra necklaces.



Even when you keep it simple, it looks good.



This one is a little bit different because it has two parts: long and short. So trendy!



Rocking it?

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