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This Guy Got A Haircut Like Chris Hemsworth, But It’s For A Good Cause


One of the most popular actors in recent years is Chris Hemsworth. His haircut has been popular too, in case you haven’t noticed.

With the forte role in his career being in the Thor movies, playing the god of thunder himself, one of the things he’s most famous for is his long, blonde hair.

It’s a defining characteristic of the guy, sorta like Leo DiCaprio’s jawline, or The Weeknd’s “palm tree” haircut (which he unfortunately cut).

A lot of men try to replicate his signature haircut, but with limited success.

Overtime, Hemsworth has gone through far too many hairstyles, the most notable, like we said, being his long blonde locks which he grew for the role of Thor.

This video by ROLFS showcases a Chris Hemsworth style transformation. The person in the video (named Tom) had been growing his locks for over 3 years to donate to a charity organization, before cutting them, similarly to how Chris Hemsworth did.

If it’s for a good cause, then it’s worth it.

Check out the video here:


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