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16 Times Chris Pratt Proved He’s A Truly Amazing Person

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It’s difficult not to love Chris Pratt. Along with being a talented actor and having an amazing six-pack, it seems that the 37-year-old is a genuinely nice and caring person, and he likes to share love. He has done plenty of things that are extremely heartfelt and nice, and after reading the list of those things, compiled by ViralThread, I think you’ll love Chris Pratt even more!

1. Mother’s Day Instagram post

He posted a heartfelt photo for Mother’s Day on Instagram, and he described his mom as “so funny and hard working, with such a positive attitude and a dreamer’s heart.”

We can only imagine how proud Ms. Pratt is of giving birth to such a wonderful person.

16 Times Chris Pratt Proved He's A Truly Amazing Person 1

2. A tribute to his wife Anna Faris and his son Jack, saying…

…“I miss you both so much. I love you… how beautiful are they?”

16 Times Chris Pratt Proved He's A Truly Amazing Person 2

3. The numerous times he has visited the Seattle Children’s Hospital




4. The difference between a human and dinosaur kid


5. He braided his wife’s hair and was super proud of himself


6. His tribute to Anna on a Reddit AMA


7. The time he posted the greatest Instagram throwback ever


8. He kept cutting JLaw out of his photos on purpose



9. When he was honest with Jimmy Fallon


10. Aubrey Plaza’s Instagram shoutout

He said she posts “really weird and funny stuff”


11. When Seth Meyers’ Rice Krispies gave him a sugar high


12. Simple advice for keeping your head from floating in the clouds


13. The best answer to this question


14. The time he made the most responsible bet ever with Chris Evans


15. He came good on his promise


16. Finally, when he was just glad to be home


An amazing guy. For real. If this doesn’t make you love Chris Pratt even more, I don’t know what will.

Have any more acts of loveliness from this amazing human to share with us? Share them in the comments!


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