Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Daughter, Luna Won Halloween, You Can Go Now

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Well, here we are, thinking we have the best, award-winning, how-do-you-come-up-with-this-stuff costume for tonight, but no.

Not while Chrissy Teigen is around, and not if she has anything to say about it. Especially now that she’s a mom and she has a baby to dress up, which is super unfair because that’s leverage!

Epitomes of coolness in parenting, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend began dressing up their 6-month-old Luna early  for her first Halloween, and this baby already won, I’m sorry, you’re free to go, that’s a wrap.

And since she’ll be like, such a big girl next year, these costumes won’t fit, so the family donated all of these to other families.

So, scroll away, toe-clenching cuteness ahead.

Ok ok no

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Needs more flair

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I’ll take this as a no

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