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Chrissy Teigen Announces Her Second Pregnancy In A Funny Video

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Thirty-one-year-old model Chrissy Teigen has surprised us again. The wife of singer John  Legend, who she married in 2013, just announced she is expecting her second child. This woman has conquered the Internet withher announcement. Sure, she’s famous for being a supermodel and television host, but she is also known for her winning personality and biting sense of humor on social media.


Chrissy and her 38-year-old husband John already have one daughter named Luna Simone Stephens, who is one year old. You may follow Chrissy on Twitter, but if you don’t make sure to do it now. For example, nobody shuts down Twitter trolls like Chrissy. Last year, one of her fan-emies posted this comment, roasting her hosting on Lip Sync Battle:

Here’s Chrissy’s epic response:

Interestingly, Chrissy has been very open about her private life also. She calls her R&B singer John Legend the perfect partner, “insanely patient and such a dork.” In the past, they faced frustrating fertility struggles, and she talked about their journey in the media. They tried several treatments and then settled for In Vitro Fertilization. “Once we talked about IVF, it was like I heard everything,” she told Today. “Some people who are close to us had done it, like, seven to ten times.”


Chrissy had a healthy pregnancy with Luna. She was born on April 14th last year. When Chrissy’s not posting adorable photos, she’s taking digs at her new daughter. Look at this hilarious response.

As a mother, she also discussed her struggle with postpartum depression. She said she felt so much mental and emotional pain she “couldn’t move” and spent whole days doing nothing. “I’m grateful for the people around me,” she wrote in a Glamour essay. “John has been incredible over the last nine months, bringing me my medicine and watching horrible reality TV with me.”

Earlier this month, the announced that they are trying to have another baby. Through IVF, 20 embryos were extracted, with only three being healthy and usable. “The first little girl didn’t work, and then the second is Luna,” said Chrissy. That leaves one remaining frozen embryo, and the good news is that Luna’s going have a new brother or sister!

The queen of social media made her pregnancy announcement in her typical awesome fashion on Instagram just a day ago:

it’s john’s!

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In the video, Chrissy lounges on the couch with her 17-month-old daughter, Luna. Chrissy asks her: “What’s in here?” “Baby”, Luna answers, patting her mother’s belly. John laughes in the background. But that’s not all! In her caption, she writes: “It’s John’s!” Isn’t she hilarious?

We can’t wait for another adorable baby of hers!

Here are more of her hilarious Tweets.

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