Christmas Comes Early For Brave Mom Thanks To Ellen

Christmas Comes Early For Brave Mom Thanks To Ellen


“At this time of the year, I am especially grateful for the brave men and women who serve every day in our armed forces.”

This is how Ellen closed her show in December 2014, just before the Christmas holidays.

“I am also equally inspired by the strength of their families.”

Ellen then asked Cari Curtis, who was sitting in the audience, up to the stage.

The lady was so surprised; she literally jumped from her sit!

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Cari Curtis from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, is a stay-at-home mom of Mason, 5, and Jackson, 2 and a wife to Drew, U.S. Army Special Forces soldier.

“A lot of what he does is really secret… Right now I don’t know where he is,” says Cari.

“He would call it ‘the woods’, affectionately; so that just means he is off the grids somewhere…”

Meanwhile, she worked as a kindergarten teacher for a couple of years, however she had to leave the job, since her salary was not enough to cover day care for her two sons.

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So, she decided to stay home and look after them herself.

“But your husband will be home for Christmas this year, right?” asked Ellen.

“Yeah, he’ll be home in about ten days, so we are excited for that, we’re looking forward to knowing that he is going to be home,” said Cari affectionately.

“And have you done shopping for him and the kids yet?” implored Ellen.

This is where the tone slightly changes.

“Um, well we are not doing presents for each other, because just on his income alone, we’d rather spend on the kids,” says Cari trying to explain their financial situation with as much grace as possible, without having to sound ungrateful.

“It’s hard…. And my older son is in school now; he is asking for all the big stuff…” says Cari trying to keep the smile on her face.

“They’ll have some presents under the tree, but maybe not the ones that they want.”

Now, it’s time for Ellen to speak a bit.

“Well, maybe and maybe not.”

“For you and your husband, I feel like y’all should have something, so we’re gonna give you a two thousand dollars Nordstrom gift card, so you can get something for your husband…” she passes her the giant fake check cardboard.

brave 3

The lady is in awe, she starts crying tears of joy. The audience is going wild, cheering!

“…and he can get something to you!” says Ellen.

“And also, we want the kids to have whatever it is you wanna give the kids, it’s your choice, but you have three thousand dollars from Target….”

brave 4

Now this is what I call Christmas came early this season!

“….so they’ll have a good Christmas too!”

Oh, Ellen, how I love thee!

“Thank you so much, and thank your husband for what he’s done for us!”


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