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Christmas Makeup Tutorial


We have been waiting so long for Christmas and now finally we get to spend some time with our loved ones and enjoy yummy meals. Besides, it’s a day to look happy and beautiful, and we can always use some new ideas for a cute, Christmas-y look.

It’s time for Christmas makeup!

Why not look a bit different and spice it up for the Holiday of holidays? You can plan your makeup here, then naturally, plan your outfit around it, and generally make sure you look flawless and adorable.


Youtuber, Roxxsaurus has come up with an awesome Christmas makeup tutorial. It really doesn’t take much time and it’s super easy to do. Everything is explained step by step . Take a look down below and make sure to tell us if you liked it. Because people sure did! Look at some of the comments:

“That glow!!! And wish I could rock red lipstick! 😍❤”

“YOU LOOK SO PRETTY, love the videos too! :D”

“Dannngggggg😻😻 that winged liner is goals💃🏻 Much love from a very small YouTuber just starting out ❤️”


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