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A Family Christmas Photo With A Hidden Heartwarming Message



It is a Christmas viral video you might have seen popping up on Youtube during the past couple of years. You probably got a little teary-eyed while you watched Tyne Owen turn a traditional holiday photo into a marriage proposal. His girlfriend Jamie did not see that coming.

The couple from New South Wales posed for a Christmas photo with their friends and family wearing shirts that spelled out “Merry Xmas.” But while Jamie smiled for the camera, her loved ones secretly shuffled around to spell out something much different. The times for tears of joy was when she stepped behind the camera to check out the shot and realized what the photo was actually saying.

Now, two years later, Jamie is sharing the heartbreaking backstory of those days.

Two months before the event captured on video, Jamie and Tyne learned they’d lost their unborn baby in the 20th week of pregnancy. At the time, Jamie had no idea she was suffering from antiphospholipid syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that caused blood clotting in her placenta which can cut off the baby’s nourishment.

The grieving parents coped with the loss together, and that’s when Tyne began planning his incredible proposal. Jamie was ecstatic with the surprise, and the pair could focus on moving on.

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