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Cinder Blocks – The Ugly Ducklings Of DIY


You might think a cinder block is the most unsightly, mundane building material that’s ever been invented, but they are actually the construction world’s Ugly Duckling. With only a bit of invention and creativity, what looks like a bare, boring, lifeless block can become the backbone of a new backyard, living room or patio bustling with life and energy.

All you need to do is let those cinder blocks be the vehicle for your fantasy. Check out these fifteen DIY cinder block ideas which will forever change the way you look at these concrete masonry units.

1. Outdoor staircase

Stack and scale cinder blocks to create a beautiful outdoor staircase.


Source: The Figure 5

2. Entertainment center

A funky area for your home cinema, record player, and cd/vinyl collection.


Source:Parka Avenue

3. Outdoor bench

Some cinder blocks, pieces of wood, and pillows are all you need for an adorable patio bench.


Source: decoist

4. Garden planters

Who would think such a fantasy garden could grow out of cinder blocks?


Source: The Sacramento Rose

5. Bedside table

Struggling to find the perfect bedside table? Just grab three cinder blocks and voila!


Source: Dwell

6. Bed foundation with storage

You’ll have a sturdy foundation for your bed with a lot of storage space.


Source: Design Tripper

7. Fire pit

Marshmallows have never tasted better!


Source: Must Add Fabric Softner

8. Colorful backyard furniture

Your backyard can look much more vivid with a few blocks and a coat of paint!


Source: It’s Sunny in My Soul

9. Futon with storage space

Any unused wall in your home can easily become an enjoyable place for rest and bonding while providing much-needed storage.


Source: Claudio Paguiar

10. Bookshelves

For book lovers, some plywood and a couple of blocks will make an adorable bookshelf.


Source: New Zealand Design Blog

11. Outdoor walls

If you need some privacy, a decorative wall with planters can be easily constructed using cinder blocks.


12. Tables

Same goes for outdoor tables, especially in confined yards and gardens.


Source: Design Sponge

13. Pyramid garden

Bring some life to a shady part of your backyard by constructing a pyramid and filling it with plants of your choice.


Source: NewsLinQ

14. Outdoor buffet

Make your backyard a barbecue heaven with this outdoor buffet that couldn’t be simpler to construct.


Source: Better Homes &Gardens

15. Outdoor seating space

For those warm summer nights when good company is the most important thing in life.


Source: ispaci

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