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She Claims She Is Too Sexy To Live A Normal Life


Apparently, being beautiful is not easy these days. Having all those eyes on you and all the attention can make you uncomfortable. Maybe not everyone, but for sure for student Felicia Czochanski. She wrote an essay for Cosmopolitan magazine, entitled “People Judge Me Because I’m Pretty”.

She says that she is fed with men staring at her and also underestimate her intelligence with her looks. “Imagine how it feels to have heads turn and all eyes on you when you are simply trying to get to where you need to be,” she continues “It doesn’t make me feel beautiful or sexy. It makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me. The scrutiny is never ending”.


She claims that people don’t take her accomplishments seriously. She is an athlete, intelligent and very ambitious. Why can’t she be appreciated for that?

All the attention made her wear baggy clothes to cover up. “I pulled myself down, personality – and appearance-wise, for years, trying to be appreciated for something other than my looks”, she writes.


She tells us that she always worries if her skirt is too short or if there is something stuck in her shoes, but it is all just because she is pretty, and she is tired of it.

Felicia, has caused an internet storm after sharing a blog post about her day to day struggles that stem from her good looks. Watch some of the comments below.


“This is the most self-absorbed, narcissistic thing I’ve ever seen on the internet. It’s a humble brag minus the ‘humble,’ masquerading as a ‘woe is me’ op-ed” – someone wrote.


Well, I can agree a little bit with the comments, she is making everything too dramatic. What is your view?


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