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Here’s How To Clean Your Lungs And Increase Oxygen Flow In Your Body


There are many things we take for granted when it comes to our body and all its parts and organs. For instance, the lungs. Most often you are not aware of your breathing, so you forget about the importance of your lungs. Many people neglect them and they don’t seem to take care of them. Smoking and lack of exercise are just two of the lungs’ worst enemies.


Did you know that you can actually exercise your lungs? Probably not since most of us don’t put in a lot of thought when it comes to the act of breathing.


You can’t even begin to imagine what kind of pollutants we are letting in our system. Everything from pollen to chemicals, to second-hand smoke that can stay trapped in the air and enter our lungs. Fortunately for us, our lungs are mostly a self-cleaning organ. But that shouldn’t be taken for granted. There are things we can do to help them work at the highest level. The best way to do so would be a lung cleanse.


A lung cleanse can be very helpful for dealing with those nasty health problems that can wreak havoc on our breathing.

Aunty Acid offers you few tips on how to do it at home.

1. Get an air purifier


The first and most rational thing to do is to ensure that the air you are breathing in is pure.  You should buy air purifiers that are available in stores like Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond. You can place it in many rooms individually. It will ease your breathing, by purifying the air in the room you are staying in.

2. Change your house filters


The beginning of the winter is perfect timing to check the filters and clean all the vents around your house.  Especially, the air conditioning and heating vents, as well as the ones in your bathroom.

3. Get rid of artificial scents


Who doesn’t love a vanilla relaxing scent at home after an exhausting day? Unfortunately, those amazing scented candles aren’t doing you any good.  The fragrances contain chemicals that can harm your lungs. It’s no news that all the cleaning products we use in our house are harmful, too!  You can replace them with all-natural products.

4. Enjoy the outdoors


When was the last time you went on a walk or on a long hike? You can’t remember, can you? You probably forgot what the fresh air on a high mountain feels like. Breathing pure and fresh air can help expand the tissues in your lungs and keep them functioning properly for longer. Make hiking one of your healthy habits. Choose a place that is less polluted and enjoy breathing.  However, if the area where you live in is really polluted maybe you should consider wearing an air-purifying mask.

5. Breathing exercises


Studies have shown that breathing exercises can actually improve lung function. These exercises are especially good for the smokers and those with lung damage from chronic lung disease. There are tools that can help practice breathing. If you prefer using natural exercises, you can try pursed-lip breathing and belly breathing as well.

6. Practice percussion


You might not be aware of this, but percussion can help drain out the lungs. Lie down with your head lowered, and a hand tapped lightly on your back moving upwards, working from the top to the bottom. Patients with cystic fibrosis and pneumonia practice this technique.

Warning signs

After all the best way to help your lungs is to avoid any dangers in the air. Avoid areas with high levels of pollution.


We have to emphasize the harm that smoking might cause as well.


Overall, just think positive


All in all, there aren’t an excessive number of things you could do to take care of your lungs and help them function properly.
Simply exercising regularly, eating healthy, avoiding polluted areas and quitting smoking can do the magic for your lungs. And they will be grateful and will serve you better and longer.

*This information is meant to supplement, not replace advice from your doctor or healthcare provider and is not meant to cover all possible uses, precautions, interactions or adverse effects. This information may not fit your specific health circumstances

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