16 Hacks To Help You Not Spend The Entire Day Cleaning

16 Hacks To Help You Not Spend The Entire Day Cleaning


When it comes to cleaning, we want to use all the hacks we can to get the job done faster and better. So when it comes to using the brain instead of spending the day using your muscles, follow these hacks to completely transform your home.

1. Blinds


All you need is a set of kitchen tongs and two cloths to clear out all the dust from your blinds.

Source: One Crazy House

2. Pet hairs


Those pet hairs are a bother to get with your vacuum cleaner, so why not use a squeegee on the carpet before you vacuum.

Source: The Non-Consumer Advocate

3. Fridge spills


The best way to deal with fridge spills, all you have to do is just peel them off.

Source: Mommysavers

4. Shower-heads


Fill up a small bag with white vinegar and attach it to the shower-head. A few hours later, all the shine is back

Source: A Real-Life Housewife

5. Fans


All the dust you brush of with a towel is just spread around the room again. So, the best way to completely get rid of it is to clean up your fans with a pillowcase, which also collects the dust.

Source: The House on Hillbrook

6. Steel


You know it brings the shine back to wooden surfaces, but have you seen what furniture polish will do to your stainless steel appliances?

Source: Compact Appliances

7. Grease and oil


Just apply some chalk and watch it soak up the grease.

Source: One Little Project

8. Grills


Heat up the grill and just rub an onion over the grease. Just be careful and use a fork, so you don’t get burned.

Source: Flickr | scrapstothefuture

9. Drains


You can also use the vinegar for the drains. Add in four Alka-Seltzers and get a sparkling drain in 10 minutes.

Source: Facebook | Cleaning Hacks

10. Irons


Just ran the iron (without the steam function) over a piece of paper sprinkled with salt. Good as new!

Source: Real Simple

11. Grinders


The best way to avoid cuts and clean a grinder is to use some uncooked rice. Run it inside to get all the oil and residue from the blades.

Source: Kitchn

12. Washing Machine



Fill the detergent drawer of your washing machine with a cup of bleach, and run it on the hottest cycle. Repeat the cycle, but this time with 1/4 cup of baking soda, 1/4 cup of water, and one cup vinegar. Don’t forget to empty the washing machine before cleaning it.

Source: The Rozy Home

13. Ceilings



Tighten up a damp towel or sponge with some rubber bands around your broom, and clean all the fixture without using that unstable chair.

Source: Real Simple

14. Vents


To clean vents, wrap a moist cloth around a knife.

Source: Facebook | Cleaning Hacks

15. Silver


Everyone wants their silverware to shine, and we have the best way. Line up a pan with some tinfoil, put two tablespoons of baking soda and some boiling water. Then just dip the silver and be careful, it can get very hot!

Source: The Non-Consumer Advocate

16. Paint


Razors can have more than one function, you know.

Source: Ask Anna

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