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16 Home Cleaning Hacks For All Of You Lazy People Out There


I think we all know that things can’t stay clean all the time. Sometimes, maybe once or twice a week, you gotta grab the broom, the sponge and the cleaning solution and clean things up.

But what happens when things just don’t want to stay clean, or they’re stubborn so they don’t even clean themselves in the first place? Well, that’s where these lazy-people cleaning hacks come in, brought by Providr.


1.Microwave cleaner

Fill a glass bowl with sliced lemons, then microwave it until the water boils. Follow up by wiping it down with a cloth. Clean microwave!

 5 minute microwave cleaner. Fill a glass bowl or ceramic cup with water and a halved lemon. Microwave it for a few minutes until the water boils. Then wipe it down with a cloth.

2. Blender cleaning

If you don’t want to clean the blender after making a delicious smoothie the traditional way, this is how to do it easily: fill the blender with water and regular dish washing soap, blend thoroughly, then dump the soapy water and blend again this time with plain water. Clean blender!

Blender cleaner. You made yourself a smoothie but now you don’t feel like disassembling the blender to clean it. Just fill it with water and a few drops of dish soap and blend thoroughly. Dump that soapy water, then fill the blender again with plain water and blend again.

3. The gunk that sticks to pans and pots

This is easy. Add equal amounts of water and vinegar and bring it to a boil. Then remove, add a teaspoon of baking soda or so and then scrub it clean.

Pans and pots. To remove the built-up scorching in a pan, just fill it with equal parts water and vinegar and boil. Then take the pan off the heat and add two tablespoon of baking soda. Then, empty the pan in the sink and scrub away.

4. Cloudy glasses

Once again time for the vinegar and water mixture. Just fill the glass and then wipe it down with a paper towel and watch the mist disappear!

 Cloudy glasses. You’ll start to notice that the mixture of equal parts vinegar and water is a miracle worker. Just spray cloudy glasses with that mixture and wipe using a paper towel.

5. Put stuff where it belongs while you’re moving around your place

That way you’ll decrease the difficulty of your chores.

Every time you get up to move around your place, put one thing in the place where it belongs. So if you have laundry or dishes laying around, this is a perfect way to turn that big chore into smaller ones.

6. Buy a nice doormat

It doesn’t have to say “Slide to unlock” like the OG iOS, but make sure it soaks up dirt and grime from shoes well.

6. Buy a good doormat. That way your floors will start to look cleaner. If you want to make the job of cleaning the floor easier, you could also enforce a “Shoes At The Door” policy.

7. Put a plastic bag next to you while cooking

This is so that you can throw stuff away without having to make a trip to the garbage bin and back, decreasing the risk of your food burning.

7. While you’re cooking, keep a plastic bag close to you. That way you don’t have to make a trip to the garbage can every time you need to dump some peeling or wrapping.

8. Line your fridge with Press N’Seal or other plastic foil

This is simply to protect against spillage.

8. Keep the inside of your refrigerator wrapped in Press N’ Seal wrap or plastic food wrapping. Again, the priority here is to prevent. You never know when you’ll spill something in your fridge.

9. Save some dryer sheets

These can be used to wipe down some other stubborn surfaces in the house.

 Save those used dryer sheets. You can use them to wipe surfaces that tend to get dusty.

10. Cleaning your blinds easily

No one can really deny that dust builds up between these window blinds, so just get an old sock, put it on your hand and wipe it down!

Sock puppet blinds cleaner. I’m 100% certain that every blind in your house is covered with a sheet of dust. Nobody likes to do a deep clean, so just put a sock on your hand and wipe away.

11. Cleaning rug stains

The vinegar and water mixture returns again. This time, pour a little bit over the stain, cover it with a damp cloth and then press it down with your iron set to the steam setting for 30 seconds.

Clean stains off the carpet with an iron. Spray some of that vinegar and water mixture we mentioned earlier on the stain, then cover it with a damp cloth. Turn the iron on to its steaming setting and lay it over the cloth for 30 seconds.

12. A dryer sheet over your AC

This is great for getting rid of odd smells that might be present in your room.

Tape a dryer sheet over your AC unit to get rid of a weird smell in your room. Alternatively, you can just do this if you simply want a nice smell in your room.

13. Keep a bathroom cleaner with a sponge inside your shower

This way, after taking a shower, you can also give it a bit of a clean.

Keep a bathroom cleaner and sponge inside your shower. That way, every time you shower, you can also spend a few minutes cleaning up a bit.

14. Wash your underwear by hand while taking a shower

If you don’t have a washing machine, or you’re just kinda lazy.

For those without a washing machine: if you don’t have any clean underwear but are too lazy to go to the laundromat, wash your underwear by hand while you’re in the shower.

15. Have some cleaning solution at the bottom of your toilet brush holder

This way it won’t be murky and disgusting when you go to clean the toilet.

Always keep some cleaning solution sitting at the bottom of your toilet brush holder. That way your brush won’t get scummy and gross, saving you from having to buy another one.

16. Switch to liquid soap or something similar to avoid this stuff:

Known otherwise as soap scum.

Here’s a tip on how you can prevent soap scum build-up: Soap scum is caused by the paraffin in your bar soap, so switch it out for some liquid or gel soap, or anything synthetic-based.

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