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12 Hacks That Will Make Cleaning Less Of A Chore


Cleaning your house is somewhat like making your bed, isn’t it? A necessary effort that is inevitably undone in hours. If you sometimes feel like you have spent a depressing chunk of your precious life doing a cleaning chore, this might cheer you up.

There is a way to keep your home in order without it making you feel miserable or taking up your entire day. By doing it in an organized manner and with the help of several ingenious hacks, you will save a lot of time and energy that you can then spend on more enjoyable activities.

Scroll down for some advice that will help you keep your house organized so you never have to lunge into cleaning panicked and come out of it depressed.

1. Faucets

Attaching a plastic bag filled with Calcium Lime Rust to your bathroom or kitchen faucet is an effective and easy way to get rid of built-up calc in no time.


Source:Two Twenty One

2. Stainless Steel

You can easily make your steel appliances sparkle by cleaning them with Pledge! And no, it does not have to be Lemon Pledge.


3. Grout

Line the grout between the tiles with Clorox gel and scrub it in using a toothbrush. Once you mop everything up, those tiles should shine.


Source:Life Prekarious

4. Rusty Knives

Get rid of rust spots easily by soaking your knives in some lemon juice.


Source:Fabulessly Frugal

5. Stovetops

Keeping a stovetop clean is always a challenge, especially for passionate cooks. You can make it much easier on yourself by cleaning it by using a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.


Source:Practically Functional

6. Toilet Brushes

Soaking a toilet brush in Pine-Sol will not only clean and disinfect it, but also leave a fresh scent behind.


Source:The Home Depot

7. Glass Dishes

Next time you need to clean something after baking in it, try using soapy water and crumpled up tin foil to get rid of whatever’s left behind and doesn’t wanna leave.



8. Metal Pots And Pans

Old, worn-out pots and pans can be given a new lease on life by cleaning them using a solution of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap.



9. Ceiling Fans

Avoid getting dust all the place by using a pillowcase to clean the blades of a ceiling fan.


Source:Homemaker Chic

10. Wooden Cutting Boards

These can be easily cleaned and disinfected with a mixture of salt, fresh lemons, and mineral oil.


Source:James Ransom | Food 52

11. Outdoor Windows

Mix white vinegar, dish soap, and water in a large bucket, and apply the mixture using a scrub brush attached to an extension pole. Before it dries, rinse off with a garden hose.


Source:She Wears Many Hats

12. Dishwasher

You can get rid of funky smells and icky residue buildup in your dishwasher by running a cycle of lemonade-flavored Kool-Aid through it!


Source:Real Simple

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