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10 Great Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil is all the rage at the moment. There are so many uses for it, you don’t know whether to drink it, eat it, or bathe in it.

Are you a big fan of coconut oil, too? Here are some practical uses for coconut oil to make your life a little bit easier!

Note: For any at-home treatment the best kind to use is certified organic, RAW, virgin coconut oil and stored at room temperature. You don’t want to use any coconut oil that has been extracted with heat or refined in any way because that strips the oil of its powerful antioxidants and healing properties.

Hair Care

hair treatment

Coconut oil is great for damaged, frizzy or dry hair, because of the fatty acids it contains, which soften your hair. Just rub a small amount of the oil between your hands, moisturizing them at the same time, then apply it to your hair from roots to ends, and comb through it. The longer you leave it, the better the results! You should also wrap your hair in a towel for at least 15 minutes and then wash it with a gentle shampoo, or if you’re feeling extremely bold, you can sleep with your hair oiled up and shampoo it in the morning.

Dandruff Treatment


Dry scalp and dandruff go very well together. Coconut oil is a great way to moisturize the roots, just apply to roots lightly and massage in. This will also stimulate hair growth. Leave it for a few minutes, then shampoo.

Frizz Tamer

oil on hair

This beauty use for coconut oil is very popular because the natural oils in the coconut oil repel water and prevent frizz. Smooth a small amount of the oil onto the ends of your hair to give it some shine, or lightly coat over the top of your hair to smooth lose strands. Keep in mind, a little goes a long way.

Oral Care

oral care

Coconut oil also has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Take a tablespoon of coconut oil, put it in your mouth and gargle and swish it for about 20 minutes. This will help clear up germs in the mouth and plaque, which will ultimately lead to fresher breath, whiter teeth, healthier gums and it can also prevent tooth decay.

Skin Care

Eye Makeup Remover

Eye makeup removal

Yes, this wondrous oil even works with waterproof mascara.
Put a small amount on a cotton ball and sweep it across your eyes (pay attention to your under-eyes as well). The oil breaks down waxy and inky eye makeup, and it also hydrates the delicate area. When you’re done, wash your face like you would normally

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