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Cole Sprouse Apparently Loves Kissing Co-Star Lili Reinhart on ‘Riverdale’

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Ever since Riverdale started airing back in January, girls couldn’t take their eyes off of Jughead Jones. What followed was the romantic relationship that developed between Jughead and Betty Cooper in the series, and viewers were beyond excited. Nowadays, we are not sure whether they are in a relationship off-screen, too, but one secret has been revealed about them. Apparently. Cole loves kissing his 21-year-old female partner in the series, Lili Reinhart. He admitted this during the Live with Kelly and Ryan show recently.

You may know him as Cody Martin on the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and now he is breaking the hearts of millions of girls around the world. How come? Well, the handsome actor just admitted that the show is obliged to give him even more kisses with the character of Betty Cooper because that’s what his contract says. Are you crying yet?


He was not shy to say how much he loves kissing his costar and rumored girlfriend, Lili Reinhart. Have you noticed the chemistry between these two yet?


After showing a clip from Riverdale of Betty and Jughead locking lips, the hosts of the show decided to ask him what fans can expect this second season. The second season of Riverdale premiered on October 10, and we are dying to know what’s next, especially for these two lovebirds. So what is next?

Cole initially replied, “A little bit more of that.” Then, he added this:

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Seriously? More kissing? Is this another obvious proof that these two are dating? There is simply something magical about these two that you cannot deny. Wouldn’t they make a great couple off-screen?

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