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College Students Buy Smelly Old Couch For $20 And Found A Widow’s Secret Stash


Three college students from The State University of New York bought a $20 used couch from the Salvation Army in 2014. It was smelly and ugly, but it was how much they could afford, and it was the only one that would fit inside their living room.

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Reese, Cally, and Lara got used to the smell. One night after two months they were watching movies when they felt something strange and hard in the cushions.

It’s not hard to imagine how the students felt when they pulled out an envelope with $700 in $20 bills from the armrest. They continued digging in the smelly old couch and soon they found more envelopes. The total amount they found was $40,000. There is no need to explain that they totally freaked out.

They knew the money belonged to someone else, but didn’t know to whom. But just as they began dreaming up all the ways in which they could use the unexpected fortune, they noticed a woman’s name on one of the envelopes.

The students made a pact to bring the money back to its rightful owner. Therefore the very next day, they found a matching name in a phone book listing and showed up to the woman’s home.

The old lady told them that she and her husband were saving this money for 30 years. After her husband passed away, the woman had back surgery and began sleeping on the couch every night. But soon her daughter bought her a new bed and brought the old couch to the Salvation Army .

She gave the college students $1,000 as a gesture of gratitude.

Source: CBS New York, littlethings

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