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16 College Students Who Are Coping With Their Lack Of Cash Amazingly Well

16 College Students Who Are Coping With Their Lack Of Cash Amazingly Well

I’m just going to assume that most of you reading this know what it’s like to be in college. You’re living in a small apartment, in some cases with roommates, and you don’t have a lot of cash, so you’re left with no choice except to get creative and use your brain in situations didn’t know should use your brain.

Time for you to laugh your way through this gallery of 16 photos of college students putting their brain to the ultimate test, specifically the part that allows them to be creative, and who knows, you might even relate to some of these. If you’re past your college days, that is.

1. Eureka!

Wow, and here we were using twice the soap in twice the time like total suckers.

Source: Twitter | @VirtualPlazaMax

2. Stay hydrated, kids

Everything about this makes perfect sense except for the skateboard.

Source: Reddit | BrianDawkins

3. The shower heads always seem to be an issue

I guess it would just be silly of me ask where the shower head went. Nobody involved likely remembers either.

Source: Reddit | break_me_down

4. Not the brightest idea in the world

How are you supposed to clean up the marker afterwards?

It won't do much to keep the cold out, but as far as anyone can tell, this is the freshest dude on campus.

Source: Imgur | shotsfiredyo

5. Even when a student gets some cash

There’s not much else they can spend money on. This is what happens when a college student wins the lottery:

The best choice for those rare times when a student comes into some money.

Source: Reddit | K1LL3R151

6. As British people would say, this is posh nosh for a college student!

Hey, it's flat and it can do the job. It would be a little too bougie to split hairs at this point.

Source: Reddit | equals_pi

7. When you have no other place to revise except the shower…

Well, I can't judge. I know I've held more than one last-minute cram session in the bathroom during my time.

Source: Reddit | confusedwhiteman

8. I suppose every little bit helps when that student debt’s expanding

I suppose every little bit helps when that student debt's about to loom large.

Source: Reddit | jonramz

9. This sounds incredibly painful

 It might not be the most practical idea I've ever seen, but the important part is that he's thinking.

Source: Reddit | whenlifegivesukiwis

10. That feeling when it’s Christmas but you can’t afford a proper tree

This festive little display is a little classier than you might think. We're dealing with a royal pine, after all.

Source: Reddit | Dr_puffnsmoke

11. Wish I thought of this when I was in college

Trust me, having this reputation around friends with food they can't finish ends up paying dividends.

Source: Twitter | @mudswat

12. Third wheeling to the max

This one's sneaky and kind of evil, but it's not like any of us came up with those drink prices.

Source: Reddit | amilin01

13. Hunger and loneliness

Treat them both!

Ah, here's a thought. If the problem is loneliness rather than hunger, other people's hunger can be a powerful ally.

Source: Reddit | Bobs299

14. This is how to cook ravioli on a budget

Chef Gordon Ramsay will be pleased. Or not.

With a little imagination, the line between the tools you have and the tools you need can get pretty blurry.

Source: Reddit | tenaciousdr9

15. If you can cope with leftovers

This step can be skipped!

And that little trick goes double if you can't abide cold leftovers.

Source: Reddit | Wyofire

16. When you gotta eat, you gotta eat

No matter what it may take.

And sometimes we have to face the stark reality that we can't eat everything with our fingers.

Source: Twitter | @samiwert
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