The Color Of You Eyes Color The Way People See You

The Color Of Your Eyes Color The Way People See You

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Many studies have been made throughout the years trying to find the connection between your eye color and your character.

A PhD study, titled Eye Color and Hemisphericity, conducted by Dr. Anthony Fallone back in 1993, set out to either confirm or dispel the notion that our eye color predisposes our personal traits.

It builds upon the idea of the Cognitive Laterality Battery method by Harold Gordon. It was used to understand whether:

-university students with lighter eyes would score significantly less well overall in cognitive tests than students with darker eyes

-university students with light eyes would manifest a significant right-hemisphere cognitive profile (CLQ)

The main difference that was discovered between light-eyed and dark-eyed students was that light-eyed students were significantly more right hemispheric whereas dark-eyed students appeared more left hemispheric between the two.

This will, of course, condition, one way or the other, the interests that the individual possesses i.e their character traits.

Another research made by a team from Orebro University in Sweden detected patterns in people’s irises which show warm-heartedness and trust or neuroticism and impulsiveness.

A close inspection of the shared characteristics between the pictures of the crypts and contraction furrows of the irises and the personality questionnaires that people with the same irises filled was made.

Dr. Matt Larsson, the team leader, said: “”These findings support the notion that people with different iris configurations tend to develop along different trajectories in regards to personality.”

So there’s gotta be something to it, don’t you think? So, while not definitive – here’s what’s been deduced so far.

1. Dark Brown/Brownish Eyes


Source:I Love Intelligence

Researchers from the University of Queensland and the University of New South Wales found that people with darker eyes were seen as more agreeable. In fact, melanin plays the main role. The levels of melanin in your system control how dark your eyes will be. The more melanin you have the darker your eyes will be. Personality and Individual Differences published a study that says, “people with very dark eyes tend to drink considerably less than those with lighter eyes.”

2. Blue Eyes



I once dated a guy who had such protruding, deep blue eyes, that I literally couldn’t bear to look him straight in the eyes. Something about them disturbed me quite a lot!

According to that same study from the University of Queensland and the University of New South Wales, Northern Europeans with lighter eyes were seen as more competitive, egocentric and skeptical of others.

3. Gray Eyes


The Tech Museum of Innovation of San Jose, California said that what you’re perceiving as gray eyes are actually variation of blue eyes- just slightly darker. Moreover, people associate gray eyes with strength, creativity and imagination.

4. Hazel Eyes


Source:Essilor US

Hazel eyes might be the product of malfunction of a certain organ inside our bodies. “These eyes are composed of materials from the blood stream that may show liver imbalance,” said senior lecturer Matthew Leach from the University of South Australia. “The main problems for mixed-eye people are digestive, hepatic and intestinal.”

5. Brown Eyes


Source:Styles Weekly

People with brown eyes are seen as being loyal, trustworthy, respectful, and gentle, denotes a study made by The Charles University in Prague.

6. Green Eyes



Green eyes are the rarest of eyes. Yellow colored stroma is responsible for green eyes. Rayliegh scattering is responsible for the yellow stroma to appear as a green eye. Europeans with green eyes generally come from Celtic or German ancestry. In addition, green eyes are common in Ireland, where they are can be paired with fiery red hair.

Since they are so rare, green eyes are often considered mysterious and sexy. Consequently, people with green eyes are considered to be curious, intelligent and a little surprising.


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