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Use “Color Psychology” To Learn What Kind Of Person You Are


Humans have a deeply curious nature and are always trying to make sense of life. We love giving meanings to things that have no inherent meaning, to begin with, such as colors.People do believe that color can affect human behavior.

People do believe that color can affect human behavior. There is a lot of information on the internet about the meaning of colors. If you opened Google and typed in blue as your favorite color, one website will tell you that you are a smart person, while another might tell you that you have a lower IQ. Sounds a bit sketchy?


This is a research that will put your mind at ease:

There is a legit study called “color psychology”. It is the study of colors as a determinant of human behavior. It will tell you why yellow makes you happy and calm, or why gold will evoke the feeling of prestige in you.

The Seattle Times reported how the city of Glasgow in Scotland used color psychology to their advantage. They introduced blue street-lamps which resulted in significantly lower crime rates. Apparently, the color blue has positive effects on the mind and the body. People who love the color red are bold and brave, they are also supposed to be pretty easygoing people living their lives to the fullest.


Source: Bravo

1. Blue

People who love the color blue are calm, lovable, and for a lack of better word, tranquil. They sound like someone who can become that best friend you can always rely on.


Source: Pixar

2. Green

If your favorite one is green, you tend to be a little of a people pleaser.

Green is also the color of money so you desire to be seen as successful, wealthy, and an important person in your social circle.


Source: Discovery

3. Orange

People whose favorite color is orange are easygoing, good-natured, approachable, and the ones who will always be up for getting a drink in the bar. However, sometimes they tend to be drama queens.


Source: SNL

4. Yellow

Yellow is rarely someone’s favorite color, but if it happens to be yours you are a cheerful idealist who is underestimated way too often.


5. Purple

People who love purple are emotional, creative and artistic.  They are most certainly a little weird and dark but in a good way.


Source: Ragdoll Productions


If you like pink, you don’t like responsibilities. You spend your days daydreaming and wishing you could be a careless child again. You must love Shoshanna Shapiro from Girls.


Source: Paramount Pictures

7. Black

Black is the most sophisticated one. And you probably are a sophisticated person who seems cold-hearted at times.

You might want to think about moving to New York.


Source: FX
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