Colorblind Guy Gets Glasses To See Color For The First Time – His Reaction Is Amazing!


This Youtuber, grew up seeing colors differently to other people who are not colorblind. At the begining of the video, he even shares a chart, where he compares what he sees, to what non-colorblind people see. While he was pretty convinced that the glasses wouldn’t work, even though he had paid $400 for them, he was in for a suprise.

He even prepared a bag of colorful balloons to compare. His reaction is absolutely incredible!

Color blindness (or more specific color vision deficiency (CVD)) is well known but hard to imagine if you do not have the condition. The website Colblindor explains that, “Color blindness affects approximately every 1 in 12 men (8%) and 1 in 200 women (0.5%). This means there is definitely one in your neighborhood or school class affected by it. Most of them are male, because the most common form called red-green color blindness (a term wich is also misleading) is encoded on the x-chromosome and therefore sex-linked. As red-green color blindness is inherited from a mother to her son, a father never passes this type of color blindness on to his children.”


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