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This Woman Combined 2 Diets To Lose 40 Pounds


South African blogger Lashara van Heerden one day saw a picture of herself after a holiday and wasn’t satisfied with the way she looked. It was then she realized it’s time for a change, and soon after was on the lookout for the perfect plan and diet in order to lose weight. Eventually, she shared her inspiring 40-pound weight-loss story with POPSUGAR.

Lashara said low-carb, high-fat diets were “very popular” in South Africa, so she bought a cookbook called ‘The Real Meal Revolution’. “That helped me lose the majority of the weight,” she told POPSUGAR.

But after she plateaued and couldn’t get below 141 pounds, she decided to go on a diet that has been surrounded by controversy in the past. In her case, it proved extremely successful and prompted Lashara to share her experiences with the world on her Lexical Living blog.

“I didn’t feel like keto was a massive leap from what I was already doing, so I tried it and I’ve pretty much smashed my plateau in the last six months,” she said. The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet and quite controversial as it was originally used to treat difficult-to-control children epilepsy, but in this case, it’s proven to be very successful.

Lashara loves the fact that even though the keto diet forbids eating carbohydrates, it does allow you to eat things like meat and bacon. “It’s all about compromise — no donuts, but lots of bacon!” she said.

However, this is not the only diet the South African followed .”I also use intermittent fasting alongside the ketogenic diet to maximize the benefits of ketones in my body, and it also has a load of other benefits too,” she explained. “I know it’s not an eating style for everyone, but I enjoy trying new things and discovering different ways of doing things.”

Also, Lashara is very aware that you can’t really lose as much weight as you want without exercise. So she started doing fitness programs, rock climbing, and yoga. “I did the BBG program by Kayla Itsines and that’s what got me inspired to be more active,” she said. “I lost a lot of the weight, but mainly I was amazed by how my strength increased and how much better I felt physically and mentally.”

The blogger went from being overweight to eventually running the famed London Marathon and today uses her experience to help others as a nutritional coach. She says she went from being “the girl who couldn’t do a push-up four years ago,” to becoming a personal trainer!

However, her weight-loss journey wasn’t always smooth sailing. “The biggest challenge was telling myself I was worth the hard work and deserved to be happy,” she said. “I had to give up my preconceived ideas about who I am and embrace change.” She decided to stop smoking and drinking and would rather choose to do yoga than go to a party.

“When I first started this, I thought it would be a quick fix, but it has become a lifestyle, and I absolutely love how it has created a new me,” she said.

Lashara has a lot of useful advice to give to other women who are struggling to lose weight: “My main piece of advice would be to educate yourself about whatever it is you are trying to do to achieve your goals,” she suggests. “Being consistent is really important.”

“Create goals, stick to them, and always challenge yourself. By understanding why you need to make certain decisions regarding your health and fitness, you better enable your success by allowing yourself to stay motivated and on track. And just remember that you are worth it!” she added.

Now that is what we call motivational!

Source: popsugar

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