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Struggling With Comedos? A 23-Year-Old Cable Dispatcher From L.A. Has The Perfect Method

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The ones who have suffered from comedos will know that getting rid of them is a slow and painstaking process… or at least that’s what we’ve been told so far. But one man threw caution to the wind and adopted a true Gung Ho approach to the blackhead problem pestering his nose, with astonishing results.

Jacob Acosta, a 23-year-old cable dispatcher from Los Angeles, has gotten rid of hundreds of comedos at once, and gotten his five minutes of internet fame in the process. And as repulsive as it is looking at it, you cannot have a nice garden without getting some mud on your hands – and the same goes for one’s skin.

Take a look at Acosta’s approach in the video below.

Source:Jacob Acosta

Called a true ‘dermatological trailblazer’ by LADbible, the 23-year-old spoke to the website about what inspired him to push the blackhead removal game to the next level.

Speaking exclusively to LADbible, he explained: “I had always seen these videos about people using those blackhead removers and getting rid of each one, one by one.

“I was tired of poking the hell out of my nose and ended up pushing up against it with some force and a few of them had finally came out. So I decided to push with a bit more force and – bam – all the filaments started coming out,” Acosta explains.

However, as this dermatological innovator reveals, this approach does not come without a price. He described how removing the filament his way is quite painful, feeling ‘as if I worked out my nose for a few days’. This means that he only practices this form of cleaning once every three months.

Acosta also believes it is the shape of his nose that makes the functioning of such a technique possible.


“Having a huge nose might help,” he said. “More surface area most likely means more pressure points to actually get all of the gunk out.”

Acosta believes only certain people were cut out to remove comedos his way: “You would probably need some type of pain tolerance to get it done because there is a lot of pressure and it makes my eyes water at the time.”

When asked to convey a message to all the people struggling with blackheads and looking for the perfect treatment, Jacob’s reply was somewhat laconic: “Don’t break your nose trying to get shit out of it.”

Featured Image Credit: Jacob Acosta

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