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Gal Gadot’s Tearful Meeting With A Wonder Woman Fan At Comic Con

Comic Con

Comic Con represents the best opportunity to meet the stars of your favorite superhero movies and allows fans of movies, comic books and television shows to geek out with the people who made their favorite characters come to life. Sure, it is a good experience but for this particular little girl, it was too much to handle.


She got to meet her heroine at a fan signing for the new Justice League film. When meeting up face to face with her idol, Gal Gadot, she actually burst into tears.

Gadot, the mother of two, managed to take the situation under control by holding her hands and calming her down. Even though we don’t know what she said to her, the kindness in her eyes is more than clear. At one point she says to her:”There’s no reason to cry anymore, right? We are together now.”


On the panel, Gadot was joined by Ezra Miller that plays Barry Allen . He also joined Gadot to make this girl feel better.  “You’re a warrior. That’s a warrior!” he says to comfort the youngster.  “Come join the Justice League whenever you get ready.”

This lovely moment was shard on Twitter and it got around 8,000 retweets. The mother of the young girl reached out and confirmed that the young girl was so happy to met Gadot that she burst into tears.

At Comic Con a new trailer for the Justice League film was shared and the movie will come out later this year in November. Check out the adorable video just down below.

I’m not crying. There’s… there’s just something in my eye.


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