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24 DIY Hacks Using Command Hooks


Command hooks are not only cheap, but they are super useful for DIY solutions around the house. If you thought all these tiny things are useful for is hanging pictures, you have been terribly mistaken. Command hooks are small plastic wonders whose uses are almost endless, all you need is a little imagination.

If you are living in a rented home or you move often, they can be a life saver because you won’t need power tools to hang up your stuff. Check out 24 ingenious ways command hooks can be put to excellent use in your home.

1. Dry goods storage

Store your dry goods in plastic containers and use a command hook to keep a scoop attached to the container.


Source:a thousand words

2. Around the kitchen

These colanders are as pretty as they are useful. Use them as decor when you don’t need them.


Source:The Shabby Creek Cottage

3. Cupboard door wire rack

This way, you don’t have to drill into your cupboard doors. This hack is applicable to both the bathroom and the kitchen.


Source:Hi Sugarplum!

4. Magazine rack

A wire magazine rack is a great holder for your straighteners and curling irons.


Source:Dream Green DIY

5. Happy holidays!

Command hooks are handy when hanging banners, so remember this come Christmas.



6. Hiding cords

You can run the cords down the legs of your table and have them hidden from sight.


Source: Hi Sugarplum!

7. Toothbrush hack

Just turn a small command hook on its side and you will be able to mount your toothbrushes to the inside of your medicine cabinet which will keep things more hygienic.


Source:The Krazy Coupon Lady

8. Hanging curtains

No power tools required.


Source:The Happier Homemaker

9. Keep your trash bag from falling

You won’t have to get annoyed when the bin liner slips to the bottom of the garbage bin anymore.


Source: Pinterest | Tina Prater

10. Storing belts

Attach a couple of command hooks to some open wall space in the closet and voila!



11. Sunglasses

Same goes for sunglasses… especially if you have a lot of them lying around.


Source:Graceful Order

12. Storing tin foil and plastic wraps


Source:Ask Anna

13. Appliance storage

Attach a couple of command hooks to the side of your appliances so that you can wrap the cords and have a much tidier working area.


Source: Dimplicity

14. A more enjoyable morning coffee

Make your morning coffee routine a doddle by creating a coffee station.


Source:Hi Sugarplum!

15. Lids storage

Using command hooks on the inside of your cupboard doors is a great way to store the lids of your pots and pans.


Source: Jayefuu | Instructables

16. Hanging wreaths

Stick a command hook on the back of the door, upside down. Hook a ribbon on it and then throw it over the top of the door and hang a stylish wreath.


Source:Pretty Dubs

17. Wall mounted router

Get the modem off your desk and out of your way.



18. Headphones

Quality headphones take up a lot of space, so you can hang them on the wall near your computer or stereo.


Source: Instagram | @command.id

19. Tablet wall mount

Great for watching movies but also for following a recipe while cooking.


Source: reddit | etothepowerof3

20. Phone charging station

The best part about having your phone on the wall while charging? It’s much less likely that you’ll trip over it or spill something on it.


Source:Bob Vila

21. Hanging keys

If you’re prone to losing your keys (and let’s be honest, we all are), having a fixed place to hang them can be a game changer.


Source: Instagram | @stilettosandscrubs

22. Objects that you cannot hang otherwise

For example dish gloves that need to drip dry!


Source:The Borrowed Abode

23. Shoe rack

This will free your precious space up and have all your heels on display to choose from.


Source:Smart Ideas

24. Child’s Art Gallery

Clip your kids’ masterpieces to some pants hangers and hang them from command hooks so the youngsters can boast in front of guests.


Source:Be A Fun Mum
Main Image via Hi Sugarplum!

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