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These Are The 6 Most Common Signs Of A Hormonal Imbalance


Have you recently checked your weight? Are you experiencing any strange feelings? We might all feel moody sometimes, but if it’s a regular part of your day, something might be wrong. Your hormonal balance is of utmost importance for a regular lifestyle. Thus, if you are experiencing any feelings of anger, or frustrations for no reason, you may want to go and see your doctor.

Hormones can go a bit crazy in some parts of our lives, including perimenopause, puberty, and menopause. Also, these conditions may cause an imbalance as well: bad lifestyle habits, pregnancy, contraceptive pills, menstrual cycle, and stress. There are various symptoms that are common, and you can easily notice them.


These are the six most common signs of hormonal imbalance:

1. Constant Hunger

If you are constantly feeling a bit peckish and you are gaining weight, you need to check your hormones. Additionally, sugar cravings are a sign that the hormone ghrelin is at a high level. This hormone stimulates appetite.

2. Mood Swings

We aren’t talking about PMS here, so don’t take this one for granted. They can occur around the menstrual cycle and the menopause, but they are not that intense. This symptom is strong, because often the person experiences mood swings on a daily basis. These may represent anger, sadness, happiness, and madness for ordinary reasons. The happy hormone is progesterone, and it is probably getting lower than it should be.

3. Fatigue

Constant fatigue can lead to feelings of tiredness, as a result of the higher levels of cortisol. Also, cortisol manages stress as well.

4. Gaining weight

If you are exercising regularly and still gain weight, you might suffer from hormonal imbalance. If your hormones are normal, then your metabolism dictates the weight loss. When your hormones are not okay, the body loses the ability to properly burn calories. Mostly, you get extra fat in the abdominal area, because the body has a lot of cortisol and estrogen.

5. Libido loss

If your estrogen, testosterone, and the thyroid hormones are imbalanced, your feminine libido is reduced and you lose the sex drive. Moreover, the vagina might become dry, and the sexual intercourse will become uncomfortable and painful.

6. Insomnia

This symptom is very common, especially during and after menopause, between 2-4am. Moreover, you might start sweating a lot. This is a result of the increased cortisol, reduces estrogen and progesterone.

 * This information is meant to supplement, not replace advice from your doctor or healthcare provider and is not meant to cover all possible uses, precautions, interactions or adverse effects. This information may not fit your specific health circumstances.

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