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These Companies Promised Not To Photoshop Their Models Any More


Do you remember the last time you saw a curvy model on the cover of a magazine? Me neither. It happens that all we see around are skinny ladies who happen to be photoshopped while doing their job. How can somebody have such a thin arm, for example? Many girls have felt so insecure about themselves just because of this, and for what? Unrealistic beauty standards. Luckily, many companies have changed their world view and excluded Photoshop for the purpose of showing natural beauty.

ModCloth was the first to sign the Heroes Pledge For Advertisers. In 2014, they vowed to no longer use Photoshop to physically change or improve their model. This is a dream company for many girls.


Source: HuffPost

They have stuff for all sizes out there and a lot of people will find something they like. As you can notice in the pictures, it looks like they celebrate who you are as a person.. which is amazing.




Do you remember the Dove campaign for real beauty?

Back in 2004, this campaign promoted natural beauty and included women of different sizes, races, and ages as well. Moreover, they decided not to use Photoshop for the models.


Source:Makeup, Adverts and Everything Else

However, the campaign has received negative backlash as well.



Anyway, they were very brave to even start something like this, and it was very refreshing.


Source:Top Drawer

Aerie has also done a lot in terms of promoting natural beauty. Their “Aerie Real” campaign began in 2014.

Instead of using supermodels, they started using “real girls”. They were of various sizes with beauty marks, scars, and tattoos.


Source: YouTube | Aerie

What a great thing to do!



These ads just show how all of our imperfections are beautiful. There is no need for Photoshop.



Additionally, a 14-year-old girl advocated for magazines to include at least one Photoshop-free image. The young activist, Julia Bluhm, has made it possible for seventeen magazines to switch to non-retouched photos!


Source: Viva Colorado

The editor Ann Shoket, published a Body Peace Treaty and an example of exactly what type of photoshopping does go on behind the scenes.



There was a treaty meaning that the magazine vowed to never change a girl’s body or face shape. Also, they vowed to feature real girls in their photo shoots.

After these events, other magazine companies including Verily, SilkFred, and Darling have also taken the same vow not to photoshop their models. It’s truly a remarkable change!


Source:Pink Elephant Blog

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