How to Conceal Your Tattoo With A Few Easy Tricks

How To Conceal Your Tattoo With A Few Easy Tricks


Let’s be honest, everyone has been through a phase in their life when they want to get a tattoo. But once you get it, there is no going back. We should always be proud of our body art, but it is a fact that there are moments when we need to hide our tattoos, whether from our employers, parents or other family members. And fortunately, this Youtuber, who goes under the name of Nibbles Official makes it possible for everyone! And the best thing about it is that all of the supplies she uses in the tutorial are available at your nearest local drug store. So, keep reading if you want to find out how to cover your tattoo through 11 super-easy steps! The gallery is from Diply.

Step 1 – Check the area

What you need to do first is make sure that the tattooed area is hair-free. If your tattoo is located on a place with visible hair, you should consider shaving the area, in order to make the concealing more effective.


Source: YouTube | Nibbles Official

Step 2 – Moisturize

Moisturizing is a vital step in further concealment of the tattoo. This Youtuber uses a simple face moisturizer, but you can use any other moisturizer.


Source: YouTube | Nibbles Official

Step 3 – Create a base

By applying a thin layer of liquid foundation, you can easily create the base needed to conceal your tattoo. Don’t be surprised if the tattoo isn’t fully covered after this step. The foundation just serves as a primer.


Source: YouTube | Nibbles Official

Step 4 – Apply eye shadow

As funny as it seems, this step involves using an eye shadow that matches your skin color. If you have a more orange skin tone, use an orange shadow. If your skin is a little bit more rosy, use a pink shadow. Apply eye shadow onto the tattooed area, by using a makeup sponge.


Source: YouTube | Nibbles Official

Step 5 – Coat the area of your tattoo

Once you’ve finished step 4, use hairspray to coat the area. You shouldn’t avoid this step, because you need to help the eye shadow stay put, and prepare the tattoo for the following step.


Source: YouTube | Nibbles Official

Step 6 – Create the first layer of your tattoo concealer

In order to create the first firm layer of the tattoo concealer, apply stick concealer by using the other side of the makeup sponge.


Source: YouTube | Nibbles Official

Step 7 – Ensure tattoo protection

Make sure your previous hard work is saved by  lightly spritzing the layer of the stick concealer with hairspray.


Source: YouTube | Nibbles Official

Step 8 – Repetition

By repeating steps 4-6, the tattooed area is further concealed. What you need to do next is blend the outside edges, but this time, use your finger, rather than a makeup sponge.


Source: YouTube | Nibbles Official

Step 9 – Add another layer

As dull and time-consuming as it seems, adding another layer of stick foundation will be so worth it when you see the finished product!


Source: YouTube | Nibbles Official

Step 10 – Blending

Don’t forget to blend again! This step is very important, as you would like the concealment to look as natural as possible. Blend the edges with your skin by using your finger.


Source: YouTube | Nibbles Official

Step 11 – Almost done!

Finally, the last step is to use powder foundation in order to seal in the concealer. By using a large brush, dust on the powder foundation on the ink.


Source: YouTube | Nibbles Official

And you are done!

Your tattoo is now perfectly disguised! If you’re worried about smudging the applied makeup, you can always use hairspray and spritz another coat on the tattooed area.


Source: YouTube | Nibbles Official
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