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Conor McGregor’s Son Is Rocking A Suit And Twitter Is Going Crazy


Way before taking their first steps or saying their first word, it’s usual for babies to take some specific characteristics from their parents. One of the newest additions to the celebrity baby party is Conor McGregor Jr. He is the son of the Irish MMA fighter-boxer, Conor McGregor. And ask us if we’re surprised by the name choice…


Everyone who is a fan of McGregor knows that he is pretty famous for his counter-attacking fight style and hard hitting trash talk. But, there is another characteristic that is being reflected in the little McGregor Jr.

If you take a look at his social media pages you will see that he loves to take pics in fancy cars, sassy suits and extravagant watches. It’s more than natural that he would want to adorn his son with some similarly flamboyant threads too.


The 29-year-old became a father for the first time last May. During the backdrop of his monumental switch to boxing to face Floyd Mayweather, and in the build-up to that fight, he was wearing a suit in the many conferences before the match at the T-Mobile Arena.

The suit worn by Conor was notable for the fact that the pinstripe on the suit was made from the words “f*** you” in white. David August was the one who made the suit and now signed a deal with Conor for a new line of suits in the Spring 2018.

Conor McGregor has signed a deal with @DavidAugustInc, make of his “F You” pinstripe suit, to debut a menswear collaboration in Spring 2018.

Isn’t it cool?

Well, what’s even cooler is that Conor is sharing his new deal also with his newborn McGregor Jr. Just look at him!


Isn’t he the most stylish looking baby out there? Twitter also went crazy for the new baby in this outfit.

OHMYGOD. All this Conor McGregor talk and no one thought it was pertinent to show his adorably chubby baby in a suit😍

Even though Conor is a fighter that loves his job and fame, we can’t deny that he is a big family man. Now he can also share all his success with his little boy too.


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