Conspiracy Theories And Hidden Messages In Popular Kids Movies


Everybody loves cartoons. No matter if its a Disney or Pixar movie or a good old Donald Duck rerun, we all grew up with our favorite heroes. Maybe as kids we were are not able to completely understand the valuable lessons and messages, but they become clearer to us as we grow up.

Anyway, there are some theories that Disney often has hidden political, communistic or sexual messages in their features. Some people who believe in theories about secret organizations which are controlling the world say that there are many examples of Illuminati in the films.

Sometimes the messages are hidden in the characters and in some cases in the background. Apparently even Disney admitted that there is a golden penis on the castle on the front cover of ” The little Mermaid.” As they said it was a mistake done in a rush.

Do you believe in conspiracy theories? Even if you are just curious to know which are the films with subliminal messages check the video below.


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