Contemporary DIY Knot Pillows To Complement Your Space

Contemporary DIY Knot Pillows To Complement Your Space


These DIY knot pillows that I just stumbled upon are probably my Pinterest highlight for the week!

Pinterest is one of the most inspiring platforms out there at the moment. With its plethora of information on just about any topic imaginable, it’s one of the leading web and mobile applications.

You can find just about anything in there.

The first black and white photo? Checked!

Vintage 60s magazine adds? Got it!

Interested in how to do a fishtail braid? Girl, it’s there!

In my opinion, one of the best features lies in that it is simultaneously,  a place to archive what inspires you, and by the same token, to inspire someone else through your archives.

Your wall or your pinboard is where you share with the world your most recent obsessions.

I noticed that as of recently these cute, yet expensive-looking knot pillows started to pop-up on my friends’ pinboards. And rightly so! They are everything!

I think that you can readily pair them with just about everything.

The knot imitates the Turk’s Head Knot.


I think that these particular pillows will complement any kind of sitting furniture there is. The sofa in the upper picture gives me some strong art-deco vibes. The pillow gives a touch of contemporary to it. I think the yellow and the pink one suite the sofa’s color the best. I would go with the baby blue as well.


As long as you follow the pattern for the Turk’s Head Knot, you can use just about any material and color that you want.


This cottony-woolen knot pillow looks like a designer’s dream paired with a yellow plastic chair. I would even go to say that it can also carry a neon-blue pillow. Position it next to a floor lamp!


I would absolutely pair these pillows with peacock chairs as well and place them on my terrace next to my Monstera plant!


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