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How To Contour Your Nose For Every Shape


Contouring the nose can be tricky because everyone just thinks “Oh, I’ll just draw two lines down the side and it will look better”. Sometimes that only makes things worse depending on what nose shape you have.

Youtuber Wayne Goss is here to help us again. Here he outlined the most common nose shapes to make it easier for us:

  • Bulbous Nose Shape: Shade tip of nose on either side. The bridge may or may not need correcting – check to make sure. Highlight the bridge of the nose.
  • Irregular Nose Shape: Draw a straight line down the nose ignoring any curve. Do not highlighter the bridge unless necessary (i.e. – the bridge is very narrow).
  • Shadowed Nose Bridge Shape: Highlight bridge of nose (usually between eyebrow) – shade down the sides of the nose.
  • Narrow Nose Shape: Highlight inner eye area and down bridge of the nose and slightly onto sides of the nose depending on how wide you want the bridge to look.
  • Triangular Nose Shape: Shade half way down the bridge. Stop. Shade the rest – leaving a shape in the middle. Highlight the gap you left.
  • Flat Nose Shape: Shade the bridge of the nose and into the brow area. Blend well.

Source:Wayne Goss

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