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How To Conture Your Like A Front Page Model

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It became so trendy. Maybe the Kardashians are to be blamed for it.  But almost every woman likes to have perfectly contoured face when posting selfies on  Snapchat, Instagram , Facebook and all the new emerging platforms.  Almost every woman is trying to master the contouring technique and to have a front page model look.  Some are natural born talents, we can agree. The VIP’s , its easy for them as they have their personal staff to take care for their make up.  There is nothing to worry  about if you feel like you are not in this two groups. We have decided to share some advice’s that we know can help you. We will show you how to use contouring and highlighting products and to look stunning on your next selfie or when you go out.   Just pay attention,  follow the steeps and try to use quality makeup product.  Otherwise there is a chance that your face will have powdered look.

The most important is to keep your face moisturized. Apply your cream firs and wait a little. Give some time to your skin to absorb it. When you feel that your skin is ready apply the makeup primer. It’s something that you must to do to protect the pores on your skin from clogging and creating blackheads.  When are done make sure you have two shades. One lighter that your skin for the highlights  and one darker.

Now you can begin the contouring with the darker shade. Your cheek bones first, then your forehead and the jawline and finish with your nose.

Use the highlighter to brighten your cheeks under your eyes, right at the apples.

Use a big fluffy brush to blend them together.

Use your prefer tone to blush your cheeks. Its the best is you select the tone of the blush according to the tone of your eyes, your hair and the color of the lipstick you will use.

Your eye makeups is next to be applied. Choose lipstick color according to the occasion you are prearranging for. You will never be wrong if you pick red.
All you have to do now is to apply transparent setting powder.

Dress well and grab your smartphone. Show your friend you are ready to go out and have fun!



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