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23 Simple Cooking Tips To Help With Your Baking


Baking is great fun, but it’s not a piece of cake. There’s a lot of things you must pay attention to, many steps that you might skip thinking they’re not important, but that in the end can turn out to be the deciding factor in whether or not your dessert is a success or not.

It’s always great to learn about new ways to improve your baking skills. No matter if it’s just another use for a cooking utensil, or a quicker way to perform a task, these simple hacks will help you take your baked goods to another level.

1. Eggs

When baking, it’s best to use eggs at room temperature. But you don’t have to leave the eggs out of the fridge overnight to achieve this. You can just put them in a bowl of warm water and leave them in for about three minutes.

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2. Pie crust shield

Don’t let your pie crusts burn! Use a pie crust shield! You can buy one from the store, or you can make one yourself. Get an aluminum pie plate, cut a hole in the bottom, and place it on top of the pie. This way your pie will have the perfect golden coloring in the centre and on the crust as well.

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3. Cookie cutters

You can use cookie cutters for other things apart from cutting cookies. For example, they are great for decorating your cakes. Create fun designs on the cake by placing a cookie cutter on top of it and filling it with whatever you want: sprinkles, chocolate chips, powdered sugar.

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4. Lace

Another great way to decorate your cake with unique designs is to use lace. Place some detailed lace on your dessert and sprinkle some powdered sugar. Remove it to uncover the beautiful pattern left on the cake.

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5. Keep it fresh

The best cookies are the fresh cookies. To prevent them from getting stale, keep them in an airtight container with a slice of bread.

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6. Fondant

You can make your own fondant by mixing some Jell-O, marshmallows, sugar, and water. Then you can use it to decorate your delicious desserts.

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7. Cake pops

Setting your cake pops can be a bit problematic, but don’t worry. You don’t have to buy some special equipment in order to make the perfect collection of cake pops. Just use your colander turned upside-down and some paper towels.

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8. Paper plates

Avoid making a mess while using your hand- or stand mixer by using a paper plate. Cover the bowl with the plate so none of the ingredients can fly out.

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9. Storage jars

All the little things you might at some point need while baking can be stored in mason jars. Keep your cupcake liners in a jar: this way it’s easier to get your hands on them, and it looks nice as well.

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10. Muffin tin

You can use the muffin tin to bake cookies as well, not just muffins. This trick is great to stop the cookies from spreading out.

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11. Heart cake

If you want to bake a heart-shaped cake, but you don’t have a properly shaped tin, this is the solution for you. Get a square pan and a round pan, and with a bit of work you can have your heart cake.


12. Muffins

No-one likes muffins with soggy bottoms. To prevent this, when you’re using frozen fruit in any baked goods, use some flour as coating as it will absorb the excess water.

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13. Potato peeler

Who knew you could use a potato peeler for cake decorating? Well, you can, and with it, you can create nice little chocolate peels. They’re great for garnishing all kinds of baked goods.

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14. Healthy cake

Well, fresh fruit is always going to be healthier than cake and there’s nothing you can do about that. But, you can make the cake just that much healthier if you use some unsweetened applesauce instead of oil.


15. Butter

I hate it when I forget to leave the butter out of the fridge to soften it. But there is a quick solution for this: all you need is a glass cup and some boiling water. Your butter will be nice and warm in no time!

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16. Melted chocolate

You can easily melt your chocolate by putting it in a mason jar and into the slow cooker. No more messy pots to clean!

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17. Gingerbread men

Decorate your gingerbread men by using a syringe filled with frosting. There is no better way for doing those fine lines necessary for making your cookies look expertly made.

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18. Cupcakes

Combine the frosting bags to decorate your cupcakes with a swirl design. It looks amazing and it’s really simple!

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19. Brown sugar

If your brown sugar’s gone rock-hard, you can easily return it back to normal. Put it in a dish and cover it with a moist paper towel. Stick it into the microwave for about 20 seconds, and voilà!


20. Bubbles

Ensure that your cake bakes evenly. Drop it carefully onto the counter a few times to remove the air bubbles before baking.


21. Ganache

Make your ganache smooth and shiny with a blow dryer. Use the highest heat and the lowest speed settings. Spread the ganache on your cake while simultaneously using the blow dryer.

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22. Cupcake liners

Parchment paper is the perfect substitute for cupcake liners. Put some in the cupcake pan and use a small glass to ensure it stays in perfect shape before you pour the batter in.

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23. Pie crust

Create awesome designs on the pie crusts with simple household items. The options are numerous: you can use a pair of tongs, a small measuring spoon, even a pearl necklace!


So what do you think? Have you tried any of these baking hacks? How did they work for you?

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