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22 Cooking Tricks That Will Bring You One Step Closer To A World Class Chef

22 Cooking Tricks That Will Bring You One Step Closer To A World Class Chef

Cooking is a fun thing, as long as you know how to do it. Now, sure, no one needs to be Heston Blumenthal or Gordon Ramsay, but still, learning to cook and actually doing it is still a lot of fun, even if you fail. I mean, after all, we all learn from our mistakes, don’t we?

However, if you want to improve your cooking skills anytime soon, then you best follow these small pieces of advice.

1. Add salt

Don’t just add tons upon tons of spices varying in hotness and color, sometimes adding a pinch or two of salt is all you need to enhance the flavor.


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2. Add sugar

When salt is not doing the trick, try adding sugar. For example, a small amount of sugar in your tomato sauce that you’ll have with your pasta makes it taste even better!


3. Healthier salad dressings

Keep your salad dressings creamy without using fatty mayonnaise by replacing it with plain Greek yogurt. The yogurt is much lower in fat, but also maintains the same creamy consistency of the dressing as if it would if you added mayo.


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4. Cold butter

If you want to make your sauces taste like they were prepped by a world-class chef, add a small amount of cold butter right before you finish cooking and you’ll take it to the next level.

5. Cutting food doesn’t just depend on the sharpness of the knife

While no one wants to cut stuff up with a dull knife, the food that you’re cutting itself is also an important factor.


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6. Spice storage

Store spices in a cold, dark place to preserve their flavors. No one wants to put pepper in soup after the pepper has lost all of its aroma, do they?


7. The perfect pasta

This trick seems like a no-brainer, but for those of you new cooks, you definitely need to give this a try. About a minute before your pasta finishes cooking in its own pot, drain the water and put the pasta in the sauce that you’re making and let them finish cooking in there. As well as making sure that they’ll be cooked properly, they’ll absorb the sauce and be even more delicious!


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8. Pat your meat

Pat your meat dry before barbecuing it, grilling it or frying it. The skin will come out crispy and it’ll be that much more sumptuous.

9. Baking basics

Before you bake something, make sure that the eggs and butter (which will inevitably be on the list of ingredients) have sat out overnight and are at room temperature when prep time comes.


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10. Rest your meat before cutting it

I know it’s tempting to carve into that delicious piece of steak right after it’s come out of the pan, but don’t! Leave it to rest a little bit, then carve in, because if you cut it as soon as it’s out of the pan, you’ll make a bloody mess all over your counter.


11. The perfect cake

The best way to serve cake is at room temperature, just make sure to cut it a maximum of 20 minutes in advance.


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12. Basil basics

When using soft herbs like basil, use this technique to prevent bruising:

– Layer the leaves inside one another — largest at the bottom, smallest at the top.

– Roll the leaves together like you would a cigar.

– Use a sharp knife to chop.

13. Chili pepper heat

It’s not the brightest idea to touch your eyes or any sensitive part of your body after handling spicy food like chili peppers. To get rid of the heat, simply squeeze some fresh lemon juice onto them.


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14. The OSR rule

When you’re roasting veg, remember the OSR rule; Oil, Season, Roast. Toss them in oil, season them, toss them again and roast them. With this trick, the seasoning will actually stick to the food.


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15. Crank up the heat

To make sure that you get the best possible sear on your meat, the heat needs to go up! While the sizzling and smoke that will ensue might seem bad at first, you can trust me that they’re doing nothing but good.


16. Separated veggies

When you’re roasting veggies, give them some breathing room, as bunching them too close together will take away the taste and make them taste, well, not that nice.


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17. The perfect burger

Shaping the perfect burger is not rocket science: just throw the patty onto your cutting board and make a dimple in the middle, which will prevent air bubbles and puffing up.


18. Crack-a-lackin’

Don’t use the edge of the bowl to crack a perfect egg, use a flat surface instead.


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19. Poor man’s sauce

The name I gave is a bit mean, but if you add stock to the residue left by your meat in the pan, you have the base for an amazing sauce!

20. This is how to poach an egg properly

– Fill your pot with a 2/3 water, 1/3 white vinegar ratio.

– Bring the water to a slow boil

– Crack the egg

– Slowly drop it into the water.

– Cook until it reaches your desired consistency.

Hey presto! A perfectly cooked poached egg waiting to be munched on!


Source: Taluswood

21. Emotionally cold

Soak onions in ice cold water for ten minutes before cutting so you won’t get teary-eyed!


22. Get creative

Make sure your breakfast stands out this morning by doing something like cutting your eggs into a cookie cutter to make some fun shapes.


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And finally, one last golden rule, prepare in advance. Prep everything you can as much in advance as you can, especially if the recipe you’re dealing with a lot of measuring and chopping.

Be sure to take this advice on board the next time you cook, and let us know in the comments if your recipe turned out to be more successful!

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