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Have a Stress-Free Life With These Diaper DIYs!


Did you know that you can use diapers for non-baby related things? I know you are surprised, but if you watch this DIY video you’ll get some interesting ideas on how to use diapers to relieve stress. They might calm you in the most unexpected moments of your life.


Misha is an extrovert, a talented, and smart lady who shares her DIY magic on her YouTube channel. She now has over 130,000 followers and she always surprises her fans with a new interesting video. You can find all sorts of crafty videos on her channel, including some useful life hacks, holiday crafts, and hairstyles as well.

What do you need?

She explains that there are at least three DIY that you can do at home if you happen to have diapers. It will be a lot of fun to make.

First, you obviously need diapers. You can always get diapers from the dollar store if you don’t want to waste money, and they are also easily found in the grocery store. For this tiny project, you also need some water. Then, you will need to pour the water in the diaper. What is particularly easy about this DIY is that you don’t need exact measurements.


What can you make out of diapers?

After the water dries out, you know you are left with the gel inside. This gel left over from the diaper mixed with some food coloring, will give you a top layer for a notebook to squish when you are stressed, a stress ball out of a balloon, and a fun thing to play with.

Source:DIY With Misha

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