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First Grader Shows Her Cool Toilet Paper Project, Then The Principal Meets With Her


The younger generation never fails to amaze us and it’s pretty cool when they stand up for what they truly believe in. It doesn’t matter if something is small or big, it is a great learning experience for young children to defend their theories and the way they think.

So, let’s meet Penny Hoffman who thought that her school was falling short in one area. So, the first grader wasn’t going to let it slip through the cracks. Can you imagine the issue the little girl was actually concerned about? It’s toilet paper.


Little Penny had this theory that her school’s toilet paper was bad and she hypothesized it was even worse than jail’s toilet paper. But, she didn’t have any evidence at the time.

And what did she do? She found out some cold hard facts to support her argument. She even took her project all the way to the top authority at her school.

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“This is the first time I’ve had a six-year-old with a full presentation like this, so I was really proud of her,” said Principal Gina Piccinni, from Carmen Trails Grade School.

Once Penny reached out to the other family members for samples of toilet paper, she put together a presentation to bring to the principal’s office to prove what she really believed in.

“It ends with a note that says, ‘continue to respectfully stand up for what you believe in,’” said Lynn Hoffman. “Which, I think, is a really cool message.”

And what happened after all the research?

“It’s the same and I can’t believe I use this,” Penny said.

Click down below to see this cool project by yourself. Enjoy!


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