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24 Of The Coolest Grandparents In The World


Every now and then, a brilliant idea appears on the Internet. One of those rare occurences was when someone on Reddit came up with the OldSchoolCool forum. It’s a place where people can post old photographs of their parents or grandparents, or even celebrities. It offers an amazing opportunity for a glance into the past: some of their grandparents were spies, or astronauts, or they just looked really cool while doing everyday things. Looking back can inspire us to move forward. These photos, compiled by Providr, are a source of inspiration definitely worth celebrating.

1. Paint me like one of your French girls

This photo from 1938 was uploaded with the caption “[grandma] smoking her cigarette on the farm. Wearing pants and doing whatever the hell she wanted.” That looks like a girl who knows what she wants and how to get it.


Source: reddit/bringdoughnuts

2. What a lovely pair!

This photo was taken in the early ’50s. They both look so dashing!


Source: bigrigrick

3. A mysterious smile

The uploader said of this photo: “Since you all liked that last picture of my grandpa, I thought I’d share another. This is him with my grandma and uncle also in the 1950s. Dude never took a bad picture.” Kinda like Barney Stinson, it’s physically impossible for him to take a bad picture.


Source: fat_pancake

4. To infinity and beyond!

“My stud of a grandpa in his official NASA photo, 1965.” Is there anything cooler than having a grandpa astronaut? Don’t think so!


Source: reddit/otterlyeefg

5. Stron-arm tactics

This person’s grandpa was a bodybuilder, a boxer, and a chef. Only Chuck Norris would dare skimp out on paying after eating in his resaturant.


Source: reddit/Mister_Thickett

6. Tree? I’m no tree! I am an Ent!

This grandpa had a great sense of humour. Just casually holding his head under his arm. Not creepy at all…


Source: YellowOnline

7. We need a hero!

This is a photo from the 1940s. The uploader’s grandma (the one higher up) repaired airplane engines during WW2.


Source: reddit/alexanderbatman

8. Born to be wild

The caption of this photo is “my grandparents in the 1950s with one of their motorcycles.” Yup, just one of their many motorcycles. As if owning one wasn’t already super cool…


Source: reddit/SignorSarcasm

9. Four score and seven years ago…

…this awesome grandpa dressed up as Abraham Lincoln. Wonder if that’s his real beard?


Source: reddit/nancybrown360

10. Just cruisin’

Look at this couple all “dressed up for a costume party on a cruise ship in 1954.” They look gorgeous!


Source: reddit/TheBlueFinch

11. A horse of course

In this photo from the 30s, the uploader’s grandpa is hugging a horse! Anyone who’s good with horses must be a good person.


Source: reddit/TheBlueFinch

12. Brave and beautiful

This person’s grandfather fought Nazis in Italy! Here he is pictured with his second wife, circa 1955.


Source: reddit/RUSayingBooOorBooURNS

13. Bow-ties are cool

“My great-great-grandfather with his crew in BA, Argentina (late 1800s).” It’s impossible to fit more class and elegance in a single photo.


Source: reddit/Jul_is_Cool

14. Hit the road, Jack

Being the first to ever do something is always amazing. The OP wrote, “the guy with the hat is my grandpa, back in the 60s. He was the driver of the first commercial bus to travel from our city São Borja to Porto Alegre, capital of the Rio Grande do Sul state, south Brazil.” And the man knew how to pose for a picture.


Source: reddit/_Mr_Crowley_

15. What a feeling

This photo from the late 40s shows the uploader’s grandma who “emigrated from Holland and founded her own ballet company in NYC.” She kinda looks like Kate Winslet, doesn’t she?


Source: reddit/fullyadequite

16. Love at first date

These two are on their first date. Him with the pinstripe suit, and her with the plaid suit just look so good together, don’t they?


Source: reddit/TheWhiteBuffarro

17. White wedding

This photo shows OP’s grandparents at their wedding in 1955. “Her queen Elizabeth crown is everything,” he put in the caption. Couldn’t agree more.


Source: reddit user

18. Here without you

“My Grandpa (Vinny Fats, far left w glasses) during the Korean War circa 1951. So effing handsome,” this user wrote. His grandpa used to send a lot of photos to his grandma while he was away in the war. If you want to know what a cool guy looks like, check him out.


Source: reddit user

19. Always

This is a photo of the user’s “grandparents on the steps of their one-room school, 1939.” It’s adorable when a couple has been together since they were kids.


Source: reddit/PrincessWhiffleball

20. I believe I can fly

This person’s grandma looked absolutely gorgeous “modelling in her flight attendant uniform” in 1972. Stunning.


Source: reddit/fakechowprodigy

21. What the hell is a hellcat?

“Great grandma in the 1920s. She protested in the suffragette marches as a teenager and told me stories of when she was a hellcat.” She looks like she could be a spy in a James Bond movie.


Source: reddit/jremcj

22. Aiming to impress

This lady served as a nurse in WW2, and the OP claims that his grandma is “still a badass.” She sure looks the part.


23. To boldly go…

“Grandpa in 1969 about to go to space.” This person’s grandpa actually went to space. Hard to top that level of cool.


Source: reddit/smumblemush

24. The name’s Bond.

This one is definitelly, no question about it, the coolest person on this list. “This is a picture of my grandfather, who was a spy for the US Army in Europe. He drove a little convertible and managed to woo a pretty German girl (my grandmother) into marrying him while he was overseas. (1965).”


Source: reddit/chocandcholl
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